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Joint Ventures

Site Inspections

RV Resorts America's rolodex is long.  There are numerous investors, RV Resort owners, developers, and land owners who might be interested in joining with you on your project.  How to access these potential partners?  Contact RVRA, and let our experience help.

RV Resorts America can perform a site visit at your potential or existing resort location.  We can help determine the amenities or add-ons that would be most beneficial and, for existing parks, assess your marketing, maintenance, personnel, and all facets of your operation to add value and improve your bottom line.

Park Expansion

Buying and Selling

Many parks are looking for the best ways to expand in order to increase their revenues.  RV Resorts America can consult with you to determine the best paths for your individual park, given its current dimensions, location, and clientele.

With over 30 years in the RV Park business and a combined 50 years in business sales, mergers, and acquisitions, RV Resort America's team is uniquely qualified to help you buy or sell a RV Resort.  For buyers, we know the attributes to look for.  And, for sellers, we are experts at positioning your resort in the marketplace.

Architects & Engineering


Through our vast experience, RV Resorts America has developed relationships with outstanding architectual and engineering firms that know the RV Industry and have a great understanding of the facilities and needs of a successful park.  These knowledgeable referrals can also expertly serve as construction management and municipality liaisons.

RV Resorts America intimately knows this industry.  Most importantly, we know what works and what does not.  Working with RV Resorts America on your sales and marketing plans will be one decision you will never regret.

RV Resorts America can distill information from your survey, acreage, terrain, and developer to create a site plan that combines the best use of space while incorporating design features and amenities that are of paramount importance in the growing and evolving RV Resort Industry


RV Condo Communities are becoming increasingly popular.  RV Resorts America can assist in the sales and marketing for these projects, including draft condo declarations specific for the RV industry, feasibility studies, and guidance through the municipality process 

RV Condos

Permitting is an incredibly important step in the RV Resort development process.  Let RV Resort America consultants assist you by preparing a document that shows decision-makers the feasibility, viability, and benefits of a RV Resort in their area.  RVRA can help negotiate reduced road, water, and sewer impact fees by helping you work in partnership with the municipality towards a mutually beneficial result.

Permitting Assistance

Typically, while local banks know their local area, they are often not the best source for lending of RV Resort projects.  The reason is simple:  they do not have a full knowledge and appreciation of the industry.  Through our many years of consultancy, both in M&A and RV Park development, we have access to lenders that are familiar with, and ameniable to RV development lending.


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